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Introduction to the Children’s Church at HIJM

This is HIJMs Children’s Ministry or Children’s Church. The Children’s Church call themselves “CIA” which stands for “Children In Action”. Below you will find the content of what environment the children at HIJM are exposed to and the principles your children will be learning at HIJMs children’s ministry. Children In Action, CIA, Children's Church, Children Church, HIJM, Hope In Jesus Ministries,

CIA Values

  1. Put God first in everything.
  2. Have integrity.
  3. Be truthful.
  4. Do all things in excellence and have a safe environment for children.
  5. Be committed.
  6. Love unconditionally.
  7. Exhort others.

Mission Statement CIA – reason for existence

Changing children’s lives through the word of God by equipping them with the right tools for future service in the body of Christ.  

Vision Statement CIA –Future successful state

  1. Growth in children’s ministry
  2. Raise up young leaders
  3. Impact through disciplining
  4. Get community involved through children
  5. Presentable and Godly Image
  6. Own building
  7. Get parents involved
  HIJM, Children Church, Childrens Church, Kids Prayer, Childrens Prayer, Child's Prayer, Prayer for Kids, Hope In Jesus Ministries, Prayer, Praying   For more information, you can contact us here to enquire more about the ministry or you can leave your comment below should you have any concerns or questions.

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