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What is a Care Group?

A Care Group is a weekly meeting or gathering that takes place around the teachings of the bible. The hosts of the meeting are tried and tested leaders in HIJM (Hope In Jesus Ministries). The leaders of HIJM have come from all different backgrounds of life, and their job is to love people and point them in the right direction. The leaders care for the people in the community, which is why the weekly get-togethers are called “Care Groups”.

Why Should I Join a Care Group?

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We can not force people to join a care group. that doesn’t work. what we have found is that the people that make their own decision to do so, are the people that usually go from living a life of survival to living a life of significance. They change for the better when they realize that life is not all about them. It’s about helping others and learning how to do that. They realize the more important things in life. Relationships, family, responsibility and simply, just doing the right thing in every situation.

How do I join a Care Group?

These are our passionate care group leaders who are changing the south of Johannesburg week by week, every Wednesday they gather together with their individual care groups where they learn and grow in the knowledge of the lord Jesus Christ together. If you are battling with your relationship with Jesus and would like to take your walk to the ‘Next Level’ you need to get connected to one of our care groups near you. Contact us here and we will find you the perfect care group for you.