Volunteer to help Hope In Jesus Ministries

Why Volunteer at HIJM?

Hope In Jesus ministries is extremely passionate about people and the lives of those in and around our community. We strive to change the hearts and minds of those living in the south of Johannesburg through feeding schemes, preaching and teaching the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ.

If you share the same values as HIJM then you will find the perfect use of your God given talent in HIJM.  Discover your calling, and allow God to use and grow you in your live and in His kingdom. 

Feeding Schemes

HIJM has monthly feeding schemes which are carried out by anyone and everyone in HIJM. Volunteers can help people by bring food, praying for them or even just giving spending time with them. People are hurting, lonely and lost. The volunteers ultimate job is to share the love of Jesus Christ with that individual. First time volunteers are walked through this process with the HIJM leaders which have years of experience in these out reaches.

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Worship Ministry

Are you passionate about music? do you have a talent you feel should be used to glorify God in heaven? if so, HIJM is looking for volunteers that can sing, play either, drums, guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, or any other instrument. If you would like to audition for the band you can contact us here.

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Dance Ministry

Dancing for the lord is something that is birthed inside of you to express the love of God to His people. Our very own dance ministry started in such a way even if you don't have experience in dancing. After all that's what we have practice for. If you would like to join the dance ministry contact us here. There are no auditions just commitment to practicing and performing.

Fund Raising

Event Planning | Fundraising

HIJM has a vacancy for fundraising and event planning. These two go hand-in-hand and are crucial for the continuation of HIJM. There are no special skills required, however, if you have experience in this area we would greatly appreciate consulting, ideas etc...

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Sound Ministry

HIJM has a need for people to help behind the scenes of the church service. This is where everything that makes church tick in today's modern times. The volunteers job will be to make sure that the service runs as smoothly as possible but at the same time allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work. All skills needed are learnable. Mics, sound, music, presentations, band practice and ministry cources all need a 'Sound Guy'

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Sunday School Teachers

Sunday school teachers need to have a passion for kids, a passion and ability to teach, lots of patience and understanding and most importantly a love for God and a desitre to influence young live for the better.

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Video Ministry

HIJM needs people that can use a camera and if possible able to edit videos for social media purposes. All skills will be taught to the volunteer. The volunteer will need to have his/hers own transport and to be committed to the growth of the HIJM ministry furthermore to see and understand the vision and mission of the ministry to accuratly communicate the HIJM message online.